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ESSA Individual Accreditation 


ESSA offers four accreditations for exercise professionals: Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES), Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Accredited Sports Scientist (ASpS) and Accredited High-Performance Manager (AHPM). There are separate pathways to exercise physiology accreditation for domestic and international graduates. 
Please select the accreditation option for more information, alternatively click on "My Applications" to access an existing application form.


            Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES)                             Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) 

Accredited Sports Scientist (ASpS)

                 Coming Soon - Accredited High Performance Manager (AHPM)                   

 Coming Soon - International Pathway (for AEP only)

Graduate Entry to Exercise Physiology Study 

A Graduate Entry (GE) assessment is available for eligible individuals who are preparing to enrol in an ESSA-accredited postgraduate exercise physiology course. The assessment will confirm whether you have satisfied the exercise science requirements for exercise physiology accreditation.  
To apply for a GE assessment you must have completed, or be in the final semester of, a non-ESSA accredited Bachelor degree in exercise and sports science or a related field. 

Graduate Entry Assessment

What are my options if my application has been declined?