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Sports Science Accreditation (ASpS) 


ESSA offers two different Levels of accreditation in Sports Science - Accredited Sports Scientist Level 1 and Accredited Sports Scientist Level 2, as outlines in the below tables. 

For further information, please refer to ESSA's fact sheet: 'What is an Accredited Sports Scientist?'

How to Apply: 

  1. Determine what accreditation (Level 1 or Level 2) you would like to apply for. 
  2. Read and confirm your eligibility for the specified pathway according to the below tables.

Completing an application:

  1. Click on the Eligibilty Assessment tab below. 
  2. Complete all questions to determine the appropriate Exercise Science pathway.
  3. Once completed an eligibility outcome will be provided onscreen and via email, click on the appropriate pathway provided. 
  4. Select 'Use this Application' to commence your accreditation application. 
  5. Complete all answers ensuring appropriate information / evidence is uploaded with your application. 
  6. Your application doesn’t have to be completed and submitted at once, it can be saved and completed at a later time. Simply click the save icon located at the bottom of the form and access the form via a Saved Forms tab located under the accreditation type at www.essa.org.au.
  7. The Application Form includes mandatory questions that require answering before your application can be submitted and a payment gateway for application fees. Note - Incomplete mandatory questions will be identified when you attempt to submit the form.  

If you still have questions, you can contact us at applications@essa.org.au regarding technical support.

Sports Science Level 1 - Eligibility

Qualification(s) Bachelor degree in exercise, movement science or sports science Minimum Master's degree (or higher) in Sports Science
Pre-requisite Hold AES accreditation N/A
Experience (counted from the start of sports science study) 360 hours of supervised professional experience within the Sport Science Scope of Practice 2 years FTE within the Sports Science Scope of Practice
Requirements Meet ASpS Level 1 Standards Meet ASpS Level 1 Standards


Sports Science Level 2 - Eligibility

Qualification(s) Minimum Master's in sport science
Pre-requisite Hold ASpS Level 1 accreditation
Experience (counted from the start of sports science study) 5 years full-time equivalent experience within the sports science scope of practice
Requirements Meet ASpS Level 2 Standards


Additional Resources: 

Application Information: 

  • Please ensure that you allow enough time to complete this process in full in order to secure the best outcome for the assessment of your application.  
  • To be fair to all applicants, your application cannot be expedited, and the outcome can only be influenced by the use of suitable evidence, not personal, academic or industry pressure.  
  • ESSA reserve the right to ask further questions or request further evidence. By submitting evidence with your application you are giving ESSA permission to validate the evidence with the relevant third party.  

Additional Resources, Templates and Guides:

Click here to access addtitional Application Resources